All-Russian conference "Devotees of the Yelets Land in the history of Russia"

Yelets, May 22, 2018.


Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in All-Russian conference "Devotees of the Yelets Land in the history of Russia"

The organizers of the conference are  Yelets Diocese, Yelets state university of I.A. Bunin, the Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars

Research associates, teachers of higher education institutions and schools, students are invited to participate in the conference.


Scientific directions of the conference:


Results and lessons of the century: 1917 – 2017.

Hieroschemamonk  Nektary and spiritual life in the Soviet Russia (to 115-year anniversary of the hieroschemamonk   Nektary (Ovchinnikov).

Spiritual bonds of Yelets with Optina and Glinskaya deserts.

Devotees of the Lipetsk land.

Orthodoxy and medicine.

Regional aspect in patriotic, spiritual and moral education of the youth.



On the results of the meetings, collected volume of materials of the conference will be published (the publication is free). Texts of the presented materials have to correspond to the thematic directions of the conference and be written according to the rules of registration listed below.


Publication requirements


The volume of materials – no more than 12 thousand signs (no more than 3 pages.)

Fields – 2,5 cm from each side

Font – Times New Roman, 12

Single line space

Formulas have to be printed with the help of  Microsoft Equation

The paragraph – 1,25 cm, without hyphenation and numbering of pages

Text editor – Microsoft Office 2000/2003


The organizing committee reserves the right of selection and editing materials.


Applications for participation and materials of reports are accepted till March 1, 2018 by e-mail:


Application of the participant has to be filled and attached to the letter as a separate file.


Coordinator: Savvina Olga Alekseevna (


Secretary: priest Elijah Peshkov (