Belgorod regional branch

Elena Safronova,
the head of Belgorod regional branch

Belgorod regional branch of the Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars was established in 2013. At the moment administrative support team consists of 13 people.

The key aim of Belgorod regional branch is to implement the following Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars’ special programmes: 

1. Missionary work. Promotion of Orthodox Christian values and importance of knowledge through mass media and Internet.

2. Identification of academically talented children and youths, providing them with support and opportunities for personal development.

3. Providing members of the Association with a basic introduction to Orthodox Christianity and encouraging their spiritual growth through catechization programmes and organised pilgrimages.

The head of Belgorod regional branch is Elena Safronova, Dr. of Law, Professor of Administrative and International Law department at Belgorod National Research University. 

Belgorod regional branch of the Association has the following key goals:

• The branch actively collaborates with numerous Russian public organizations such as:

-       all-Russian public organisation «Narodniy Sobor» («Russian People’s Council»)

-       public coordination center «Pravoslavnoe grazhdanskoe deystvie» («Orthodox Civil Action»)

-       all-Russian public organisation «Preobrazhenye» («Transfiguration»)

-       interregional public organisation «Family, Love, Fatherland»

-       public organisation «Roosskoe Sobranie» («The Russian Assembly»).

• The annual international youth forum «Moral imperatives in law, education, science and culture» is organised by the members of Belgorod branch of the Association.