Orenburg regional branch of the Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars was established in 2017. At the moment administrative activities are supervised by 17 people.

All the work of the regional branch is aimed to implement special programmes of the Association:

  1. Missionary work. Promotion of Orthodox Christian Values and the key role of knowledge through mass media and the Internet.
  2. Identification of gifted children and the youth, inclined to scientific work, and providing them with support for professional development.
  3. Providing members of the Association of Orthodox Christian Scholars with a basic introduction to Orthodox Christianity and encouraging their spiritual growth through catechization programmes and organized pilgrimage.

 The head of Orenburg Regional Branch is Tatiana V. Lipatova,  teacher of the subject” The basics of Orthodox Christian Culture”.


 T.V. Lipatova, V.S.Puzikova” Ways and methods of establishing moral benchmarks of students as the basics of cultural and spiritual code of the nation”. International Scientific Bulletin

( Journal of the Association of Orthodox Scientists); number 1(9)2016.pp. 23-24.

 Orenburg Regional Branch has the following key goals:

-         Organization and participation in a regional youth conference

“ Gaining professional skills through science and creativity.”

( Buzuluk)

-         Participation in Eurasian inter-regional Holy Theotokos-Christmas Educational Readings( Orenburg).